Events BIO Facility Day 2018

BIO Facility Day 2018

Event location: Trento, Italy
Event date and time: Feb 15, 2018

Where science meets technology - 10 Years of CIBIO Core Facilities


Following the success of the first edition, the BIO Facility Day 2018 will focus on the key role of core facilities (shared resource labs) in modern life sciences and translational research, as well as on potential collaboration opportunities between academic research and industries.

It is open to scientists and facility staff from academia, industries and clinics. Attendees will be inspired by recent technological and scientific advances and have the opportunity to gain knowledge on implementing methodologies in order to support future discoveries.

The event will feature a special ISAC Lecture by Dr. Joanne Lannigan on the role of core facilities in modern life sciences and in facing the challenges arising from new technologies.

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Our vision is to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical, and physical sciences.

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