Events (RESCHEDULED) Finance 101: Rate Setting

(RESCHEDULED) Finance 101: Rate Setting

Event location: Online at CYTO U
Event date and time: Jan 22, 2018
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Rate Setting

Part of the Finance 101 Webinar Series


Monday, January 22th at 12pm Eastern (US/Canada)

Presented by:

Nicole White

Research Shared Facilities Administrator
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center           
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Peter O'Toole

Head of Imaging and Cytometry
Department of Biology
University of York
York, England

About the Presenters:

Nicole White began her career working in a flow cytometry core for five years and later transitioned into administration after acquiring her MBA in 2010.  She currently serves as the Shared Facility administrator for CCHMC overseeing 28 shared facilities, including veterinary services.  In her role she is responsible for overseeing finance and operations through a centralized capacity.  Nicole has implemented a centralized support structure for the shared facilities in her role and continues to support ongoing efforts in operations for the shared facilities at CCHMC.  She is active within the Association for Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF), a FASEB Society like ISAC, which works with core facility operations and management topics across multiple disciplinary and interdisciplinary platforms.

Peter O'Toole is Director of the Bioscience Technology Facility at the University of York covering the broad technologies required for a multi-disciplined Department of Biology. He has also built up and heads the highly successful Imaging and Cytometry Labs which includes an array of confocal microscopes, flow cytometers, electron microscopes and novel instrumentation. Peter gained his PhD in the Cell Biophysics Laboratory at Essex and has been involved in many aspects of fluorescence imaging and cytometry. Research is currently focused on both technology and method development of novel probes and imaging modalities. His lab provides research support to many academics and commercial organizations and he has ongoing collaborations and consultancy contracts with many leading microscopy and cytometry companies. Peter serves on an array of committees including the CTLS, BBSRC, ELMI, iABRF and Vice-President of the RMS. Peter is also heavily involved with microscopy and cytometry training through a variety of international courses.

Webinar Summary                                         

This is the second of a three-part series in the Finance 101 webinar series.  Building from the Budgeting 101 module, we will dive into more detail on how to set rates for your facility.  This will encompass information that affects both domestic (US) and European (UK) approaches.  Though many principles are the same we will give a high-level overview of the important aspects of rate setting. You will learn terminology, a basic step approach, an overview of what the rate setting process looks like, and gain insight and understanding to the importance of conducting a routine rate setting review and the risks of not doing one.

Learning Objectives

  • Why price setting is important: Compliance, Budgeting, Recourse, Understanding our business
  • Overview of what prices setting process looks like
  • Information gathering and tools that will help you
  • Important aspects of price setting: Defining services, allocation vs effort, forecasting usage.
  • Understand rate recovery and complaint price setting guidelines
  • Bulk Pricing

Who Should Attend

Managers, financial administrators, persons responsible for setting/understanding prices of their facility.
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