Greetings!   My name is David L. Haviland I am seeking your support for Treasurer with the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC).  During graduate school in the 80’s, I discovered flow cytometery and have been actively involved with the technology ever since.     
Flow cytometry played a critical role in my research career in immunology, molecular biology, and in complement & inflammation.   In the mid 2000’s, I made the switch to full time flow cytometry and am currently the Director of the Houston Methodist Research Institute’s Flow Core. 
The Texas Medical Center is fortunate to have a number of flow cores that have come together to form FlowTex – an ISAC associated society.   I am currently completing my term as the President of FlowTex, which has just had its 11th annual meeting.   Before becoming President, I was FlowTex’s Treasurer for three years. In my role as treasurer, I helped FlowTex become a 501-3c, which included dealings with the IRS to obtain the status.   I have also had to deal with accountants that specialize with non-profits, and filed the annual 990 forms to maintain FlowTex’s non-profit standing. 
I have served the past 4 years on ISAC Council, with the last two on the finance committee.  This time has allowed me to gain a better understanding of how ISAC carefully monitors its finances to keep the society vibrant while supporting the various programs to benefit the membership and world-wide cytometry.
ISAC executive and council members have strived to push the goals of ISAC, and improve its services, meetings, education, and the impact of cytometry.    Going forward, this will require the continued stewardship of ISACs resources, especially as ISAC begins the process to transition away from FASEB management to self-management.  This will require keen oversight of ISACs resources – both financial and membership.   As we move forward, these changes will pose new challenges and we must be mindful while we make educated and informed decisions to balance future expenses and revenues.   ISAC programs, both current and future ones must be continually evaluated for their impact on the ISAC mission and the return on investment to the society and the greater cytometry community.
ISAC Council has many decisions to make during this transition, and the role of the treasurer in balancing the need for growth with the need for maintaining a strong financial position will be critical.   My experience with running a core facility coupled with my experience as a treasurer with non-profit organizations positions me to help serve ISAC in this critical role.
I am excited to be a candidate for Treasurer and I would welcome comments on these goals.   ISAC needs to be responsive to you, the membership and future members of ISAC.   I would urge all ISAC members to take a few minutes to review the candidates and cast a vote.  Your selection helps shape the future of our Society. 
Thank you for your consideration in advance for your support,
David L. Haviland, Ph.D., SCYM(ASCP).
Flow Cytometry Core Director
Houston Methodist Hospital Research Institute.
6670 Bertner St., R7-219
Houston, TX  77030
713-441-9233 – Work


Our vision is to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical, and physical sciences.

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