Raluca Aura Niesner

DRFZ, Berlin
Charitéplatz 1
10117 Berlin
Tel: +49(0)3028460708
Fax: +49(0)30 28460 604
E-Mail: niesner@drfz.de
Personal data
Date of birth:     21. Jan. 1978
Place of birth:    Bucharest / Romania
Citizenship:       German

Marital status:   married /two children (7 and 9 years old)


In my opinion as a cytometrist, the development of new techniques which better meet the general requirement in biosciences and biomedicine to monitor vital processes at high spatial and temporal resolution, on a molecular basis, in their genuine environment is of central relevance. In this frame, my research group focuses on the improvement and extension of two-photon laser-scanning microscopy with application to intravital microscopy (imaging in living anesthetized rodents) to better understand immunological processes in different disease contexts, e.g. autoimmune diseases. Thereby, I focus on the improvement of the optical performance, especially on extending the imaging time window to weeks or even months (e.g. Reismann et al, dec. 2017, Nat. Commun.), and on developing technologies of high molecular selectivity to monitor cell and tissue functions in vivo (Mossaowski et al, dec. 2015, Acta Neuropath.). My research, funded by the German Research Foundation as well as by other German ministries with a total volume of 2.6 million Euro, resulted in 43 publications in peer-reviewed journals and several invited talks – two of them at CYTO conferences, starting 2011 in Baltimore. Since then – 2011 – each year, at each CYTO conference, I had the chance to learn more from and about the highly motivated people that are continuously shaping the ISAC spirit. What fascinates me the most about it is the open, interdisciplinary dialog between technology and methods developers, bioscientists and physicians. This unique kind of dialog which I always wanted to be the basis of my research convinced me to join and serve ISAC. Up to know, I participated in several program and organizing committees of CYTO conferences, I served as CYTO reviewer and as session chair-person. 2015 I candidated for a Marylou-Ingram ISAC Scholarship and got the chance to profit even more from the tremendous knowledge of the senior ISAC members and also of my colleagues. With the nomination for the elections of the ISAC Council 2018-2020 in the field “Technology development”, I see the opportunity to give something back to the society and to strengthen even more the interdisciplinary spirit in ISAC. In this sense, I will initiate and support a better environment that promote the expertise exchange between flow and imaging cytometry – both on the technology as well as on the analysis/modelling methodology level and, at the same time, further contribute to strengthening the communication between biosciences/ biomedicine researchers and technology developers. I consider that a frequent, regular and open dialogue, in a dedicated frame, between the specialized methodologies serving the requirements in biosciences and biomedicine represents the key to a successful future of ISAC to which I would be honored to bring my contribution.

Scientific development

2015-2019                   Marylou Ingram Scholar of ISAC
2013                            Offer of W2 professorship for “Intravital microscopy of the immune system” at the Otto-von-Guericke University of   Medicine, Magdeburg, defended by DRFZ, Berlin
since 2012              Leader of JIMI – a network for intravital microscopy (DFG funding for core-facilities)
since 2010 Leader of the research group „Biophysical Analytics“ and, together with Prof. A.E. Hauser, leader of CINIMA – imaging core-facility, DRFZ, Berlin
2008 – 2010 Senior scientist at Cecilie-Vogt Clinics for Neurology, Charité – University Hospital, Berlin and Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin
2005 – 2008 PostDoc at the Helmholtz-Center for Infection Research (HZI), Braunschweig and at TU Braunschweig
2001 – 2005 PhD student at the Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at TU Braunschweig       
1998 – 1999 Erasmus – Sokrates – scholarship at TU Braunschweig / Germany
1996 – 2001 Chemistry study at TU Braunschweig and University of Bucharest


Our vision is to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical, and physical sciences.

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