Xin Maggie Wang, PhD
Scientific Platforms Manager, Westmead Research Hub (WRH) & Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR), The University of Sydney (USYD), Australia
It is an honour to be nominated to run for the ISAC Council. I am seeking your support to be elected to contribute to the cytometry community.

My first experience of flow cytometry was in 1999, when I used a FACSScan for a single-color experiment. Since then, flow cytometry has always been a part of my professional life. In 2008, post completion of my PhD at USYD, I was appointed as the manager of the WRH Flow Cytometry Core Facility which is the only core facility in Sydney West. With a number of successful grant applications, the facility was fully upgraded from four aged instruments (15-20 years old) to six new equipment with up to 24 parameter detections in 2012. This facility now provides the service to >200 users from >45 groups and 7 organizations. In 2016, I took the Scientific Platforms Manager role responsible for seven scientific platforms including WRH flow cytometry. For the last nine years I have been heavily involved in core facility strategic planning, facility design and operation, technology upgrade, application development and education. I have been a co-author on 13 flow cytometry related publications.

I am actively interacting with local and international cytometry societies, and have been a member of the Australasian Cytometry Society (ACS) since 2008 and a member of ISAC since 2009. I worked as a member of organizing committee for the ACS annual meeting in 2016 and for the 3rd SINO-US Flow Cytometry Workshop in 2016. Furthermore, I coordinated and facilitated the attendance of many Chinese cytometrists to the CYTOAsia2017. I was elected as the Executive Committee member of ACS for SRL in 2018.

I am devoted to improve the flow cytometry education. Being invited as a keynote speaker, I have presented at various flow cytometry workshops and conferences in China including medical research institutes, hospitals and universities. Working as a faculty member of ISAC Live Educational Task Force I have presented at 4 advanced flow cytometry workshops. Recently, I was invited to present at the ISAC-Xiamen NanoCytometry Workshop. In addition, I participated in the translation of Flow Cytometry Biosafety into Chinese for CYTO University. To further enhance the flow cytometry education and implementation, I have established collaborations with several flow cytometry core facilities in China and have trained three core facility managers in my facility to help them to establish their core facilities in their own organizations.

My Vision and My Contribution to ISAC                                       
  • Further expansion of the ISAC membership: The membership is critical for ISAC. ISAC has been well established in developed countries but has a great potential in developing countries. For instance, there are >100,000 flow cytometry users in China. A large number of users are eager to participate ISAC activities. My backgroud will help me to understand their needs and facilitate this process.
  • Enhance ISAC’s leadership in the Asia-Pacific region: Majority SRLs in the developing countries are poorly supported. Having regional CYTO conferences, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, is imperative. After the first successful CYTOAsia conference in Singapore, a CYTOAsia conference in Shanghai will further enhance the ISAC’s leadership role and truly benefit the cytometry users in this region.
  • Improve the facility management & education: Sharing the successful experience from the leading SRLs is the most effective way to help new or poorly supported SRLs. The training program, SRL visits, mentoring system and documents sharing will accommodate the needs.

Our vision is to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical, and physical sciences.

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