Call for CYTO 2019 Workshop Proposals

October 25, 2018

Call for CYTO 2019 Workshop Proposals

ISAC is now soliciting proposals from membership for CYTO 2019 Workshops, with an emphasis on areas involving controversy or lack of consensus on best practices. Workshops will be scheduled in concurrent 60-minute sessions throughout the Congress.  Members from all areas of cytometry -- industry, Shared Resource Labs, and institutions doing basic, translational and clinical research -- are encouraged to submit proposals for workshops relevant to their needs. 
To submit your CYTO 2019 Workshop proposal, please click the button below.  The deadline for submissions is December 10, 2018.

Workshop Proposals should include the following information: 

  • Workshop Title       

  • Intended Audience

  • Problem Focus and Key Questions

  • Organizer(s)/Facilitator(s), including short bio, CV and contact information for each format or agenda, including any speakers

  • Desired Outcomes

Workshops are intended to provide CYTO attendees with an interactive forum in which to discuss cytometry-related problems and work toward consensus solutions. They should define current practices, discuss limiting issues and generate an action plan. The specific format is less important than its appropriateness to the problem being addressed and the objective of productive interactions among Congress attendees.

Although workshops are often educational for participants new to areas impacted by the workshop topic, they are not intended to be didactic sessions per se. Any presentations should be concise and intended only to frame or stimulate discussion of the workshop topic.

To help develop an exciting set of problem-focused, solution-oriented workshops relevant to attendee interests, the CYTO 2019 Congress Organizing Committee will use the following guidelines when selecting Workshop proposals for inclusion in the Congress program:

  1. The problem focus should be clearly defined and include a list of 3-5 key questions to be addressed during the workshop;

  2. The intended audience should be clearly defined, and an estimate of likely group size included;  

  3. A detailed agenda or format should be included, specifying the number and length of any formal presentations and the name(s) of any proposed speakers or panel members; 

  4. A list of 3 - 5 desired workshop outcomes (preferably action items) should be included;

  5. A plan for integrating social media (i.e. online question submission, response tracking) should be included if relevant.

Download the complete 2019 Workshop Guidelines here:

Final choice of Workshop topics will be made based on the quality of proposals, expected interest, and overall balance of the Congress program.

Important Dates

  • December 10, 2018: Deadline for Workshop Proposals
  • January 28, 2019: Notification of Acceptance/Rejection
  • March 5, 2019: Submission of Final Workshop Abstract for CYTO Program



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