News ISAC Past President Wins Los Alamos Medal

ISAC Past President Wins Los Alamos Medal

December 14, 2017

Los Alamos National Laboratory will award four former researchers with the Los Alamos Medal for their scientific contributions. ISAC Past President Scott Cram, along with Larry Deaven, Robert Moyzis and Howard Menlove will receive the award, the highest honor bestowed by the Laboratory.

With strong support from leaders in the international genome community, Los Alamos retirees Cram, Deaven and Moyzis will be honored for their unique contributions significant to the ultimate success of the sequencing of the human genome. All three researchers worked closely with Lawrence Livermore and Lawrence Berkeley national laboratories on the Human Genome Project. During the past two decades, their work led to other bioscience contributions to national security and has had a lasting impact on the Laboratory.

The Laboratory will hold an award ceremony in early 2018 to honor the recipients.

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