News New Issue of Cytometry Part A Available Now

New Issue of Cytometry Part A Available Now

September 27, 2018

The new issue of Cytometry Part A: Journal of Quantitative Cell Science is now available!
Read the editorial by Attila Tárnok, Editor-in-Chief here.
Check out this issue’s highlights:

Dielectrophoresis Based 3D‐Focusing of Micro‐Scale Entities in Microfluidic Devices
3D focusing of microscale entities is a prerequisite for separation of microscale entities in microfluidic devices. A new approach based on dielectrophoresis for 3D focusing of microscale entities in microfluidic devices is proposed and mathematically modeled. The electrode configuration consists of multiple pairs of planar interdigitated transducer electrodes located on either side of the bottom surface of the microchannel. The model predicts that the device can 3D focus microscale entities at any location along the width of the microchannel. The model is useful for designers as it accounts for the influence of all geometric and operating parameters. See article by Alnaimat et al.
Mechanical Property Characterization of Hundreds of Single Nuclei Based on Microfluidic Constriction Channel
This paper presents a microfluidic system encompassing a constriction channel for the mechanical characterization of single nuclei continuously. In this work, nuclei of cells were isolated and aspirated into the constriction channel where the passage time of nuclei was obtained as an indicator of nuclear mechanical properties. More specifically, the use of the presented method for quantifying the nuclei isolated from SW620 and A549 cancer cells was demonstrated. Results showed that the proposed method was able to characterize the mechanical properties of hundreds of nuclei with higher throughput than conventional approaches (e.g., micropipette aspiration and atomic force microscopy). See article by Chang et al.
Read all articles included in this issue here.
New Virtual Issue: OMIPs collection
We’re excited to announce the publication of our new virtual issue featuring OMIPs an article type that reports on newly designed and optimized multicolor panels for flow cytometry and other polychromatic fluorescence-based methods. Check out the new collection here

Our vision is to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical, and physical sciences.

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