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ISAC Outreach Program

The ISAC Outreach Program intends to increase ISAC’s international visibility and standing in the scientific community, to foster the communication with other scientific societies in need of advanced cytometry, and to give ISAC members a role in this process. 

The Outreach Program consists of three components: ISAC Ambassador Symposia, ISAC Advanced Cytometry Schools, and ISAC Lectures.


ISAC Ambassador Symposia

ISAC will support guest symposia, covering cutting-edge topics, at large international meetings of communities with a high interest in cytometry, like the European Congress of Immunology. Communities addressed could be immunologists, hematologists, oncologists and other large cytometry user groups on an international level, and with priority in parts of the world where ISAC has low visibility. Meetings supported should be larger than ISAC’s annual congress as this is an outreach program aimed at large user groups.
The symposia would consist of two chairpersons and 3 - 5 speakers of ISAC. ISAC members attending the conference anyway should be preferred as chairs and speakers. The guest symposia would be put together, applied for and organised by a convenor, who applies for an ISAC grant for this event. Council reviews applications and determines which ones are approved.  The ISAC grant would cover travel and accommodation of the invited speakers and/or costs for the meeting venue, preferably shared with the organizers of the conference. The ISAC ambassador symposia should be clearly marketed as such.

For more information, email

ISAC Advanced Cytometry Schools

This tool is designed to support ISAC members to organize an Advanced Cytometry School (ACS) in any part of the world, to increase visibility of ISAC, CYTO conferences and CYTO U. Purpose of the ASC should be the dissemination of cutting-edge and emerging technologies and applications, rather than basic training. As such it would be more a tool of scientific communication than of education. 
Applications by organizers should be handed in the year preceeding the school. Applications should contain a detailed program and a budget based mainly on registration fees and contributions of sponsors. If approved, the ASC will be allowed to market as ISAC ASC and becomes eligible to apply for an ISAC Lecturer with up to $2,000 for travel support. Reference to ISAC and its educational activities is expected, as well as the display of ISAC promotional material.

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ISAC Lectures

If you are organizing a cytometry or related meeting, your organization is eligible to apply for up to $2,000 to cover travel expenses for an ISAC Lecturer. An ISAC Lecturer should be someone who is both an expert in the field and active in the cytometry community. He/she is not required to be a member of ISAC, though it is preferred. Award amounts will be determined based on distance traveled and other estimated expenses.

This lecture must be announced as the “ISAC Lecture” as part of the speaker introduction as well as in the program of the meeting. ISAC requests that material about its membership services be either briefly presented or made available to meeting attendees. Meeting organizers are expected to provide, at their own expense, accommodations and free registration to the ISAC Lecturer.

Applications are due by the following dates: February 28, June 30, and October 31 of each year. Applications will be reviewed by the Membership Services Commitee immediately following each deadline, and approvals will be notified within the following 30 days.

Please note that the application period for 2018 has now closed.  For more information, email


Our vision is to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical, and physical sciences.

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