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ISAC Marylou Ingram Scholars

Collaboration/Training Program
Updated September 2018
This program provides an ISAC-funded opportunity to ISAC Marylou Ingram Scholars for training through collaboration-related travel. The main purpose is to advance the development of their scientific career. The application can be submitted by either two active Scholars or one active Scholar and one past Scholar or ISAC active member. Exceptions will be justified individually.

Potential applicants are required to complete an application to be forwarded to the ISAC Scholars Review Committee (ISRC) providing the following information:
  • Clear plan of goals
  • Collaborator plan with evidence of the required intellectual support
  • Proposal describing  the problem (2-3 pages) and how this mentorship/collaboration will impact the field, with a proposed timetable for completion
  • Career impact describing how this activity facilitates the Scholar’s career development
  • Clear plan for the presentation/publication of resultant data
  • Detailed budget documenting the total financial support requested.

ISAC will fund three applications per year, each for up to a maximum of $5,000 dependent on availability of funds. The program can fund travel and lodging for the applicant, experimental consumables, cost of sending samples, publication and training costs incurred by the hosting unit. The institution receiving the funding will be required to indicate their support of young Scholars by officially recognizing ISAC’s contribution.  The application should be accompanied by an official letter from the Department Head of the Institution supporting the application and a letter from the visiting unit/investigator describing the level of participation.
Applications addressed to the ISAC Membership & Marketing Communications Manager ( will be accepted by March 1, July 1 and November 1, with decisions rendered within 30 days after the submission deadline. Applications will be evaluated by members of the IMIPS Committee.
A report will be required to be submitted to ISAC within 6-12 months after the completion of the funded program, describing the success the program in attaining its goals and the results obtained.  Subsequent resulting publications can be added over time and the list of Awards and summary reports will be made available on the ISAC web page as a metric of the success of the program. Recipients must agree to allow ISAC to publicize those who win these special awards.

Our vision is to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical, and physical sciences.

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