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As the leading international organization for cytometrists, ISAC provides the latest scientific and practical resources through its meetings, collaborations, publications, and numerous live and online educational programs. We are proudly recognized as the foremost global authority on all things related to cytometry. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur or shared resource lab manager, ISAC stands ready to help you achieve your goals.

Since the 1980s, ISAC has produced guidelines for biosafety in the cytometry lab, standards for data collection, presentation, storage, and reporting, as well as intensity calibration methods for instrument and assay calibration. To this end, FlowRepository was developed as ISAC's online vault of reproducible data and metadata gathered from experimental findings published in peer-reviewed journals in the field of flow cytometry.

In addition, our recent programs and services specifically tailored to SRL managers and staff promote higher standards of operational excellence at facilities across the world. Our educational offerings at CYTO U now include a seven-part webinar series on SRL Best Practices.

For those of you wanting to take your career in cytometry to the next level, ISAC, the ICCS, and the ASCP BOC currently offer a Certification in Cytometry, which can help you do exactly that.

ISAC also serves as the leading platform for cytometrists to network with their peers around the world.  Since science and technology crosses so many boundaries, it is very likely that there will be members with interests similar to your own. ISAC members are extrememly active on social media and the Purdue List, and are always eager to discover new opportunities for collaboration.

Finally, the ISAC Job Board is an indispensible resource for cytometrists looking for new employment opportunities. Check back regularly for newly-updated job postings in your area!


Our vision is to advance the impact of cytometry in meeting current and emerging challenges in the life, biomedical, and physical sciences.

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