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Senior Technical Specialist (FACS Canto and FACS Fortessa)

Senior Technical Specialist - (FACS Canto and FACS Fortessa)

The individual serves the Bioscience Core Lab and Core Labs mission to support research at KAUST and regionally by providing advanced techniques and expertise for standardized and customized flow cytometry analysis.

The technical specialist demonstrates expertise and working knowledge in a range of techniques including cytometry analysis and high-content screening under limited supervision. The person in this role works closely with the team lead and other members of the core unit. The work involves both standardized experiments and method developments/assay assessments/implementation. It also involves regular interactions with the users and discussions about their research projects. The main responsibility of the technical specialist is processing of samples in the context of user projects. There should be possibilities to have own contributions regarding testing new assays, contribute to assay developments and improvements of workflows/documentation/quality standards. The person in this position must be open to a fast-changing environment, and willing and supportive of alterations.

We are a core facility, and the working environment and mentality is service- and support-oriented in a cooperative spirit. A positive mindset and a persistent and resilient nature to support the future progress and success of the laboratory is a requirement. In addition, the person in this role is expected to fulfill a multitude of laboratory and university-related tasks.

Major Responsibilities     

•    Operates standardized and customized cytometry runs on equipment independently
•    Delivers reliable and excellent quality data and results at all times
•    Provides support to all technical aspects of cytometry portfolio, including customer issues and protocol optimization
•    Participates in developing and implementing new protocols under guidance of a supervisor
•    Provides basic training for flow cytometry and high content screening (HSC) techniques to KAUST and external users
•    Ensures good laboratory practice and safety in the work area at all times
•    Follows standard operating procedures (SOPs) and work instructions (WIs), and performs documentation carefully

Technical Skills     

•    Working knowledge in specific cytometry techniques. Works under limited supervision
•    Basic understanding of lab methods, method validation, and troubleshooting
•    Preventative maintenance as instructed by the supervisor
•    General laboratory skills such as following safety procedures and SOPs, neatness, documentation, following written methods and instructions by the supervisor
•    Good organizational skills
•    Ability to work well in a team and collaborate with others
•    Proactive personality and positive mindset
•    Good written and oral communication skills

Non-Technical Skills or Attributes     

•    Takes responsibility for assigned equipment and functional area. Ensures maintenance status and maximum uptime of instruments (plan, perform and oversee preventative and corrective maintenance, purchase consumables, etc.) under limited supervision
•    Takes responsibility to report performance issues for any lab equipment
•    Participates actively in periodic lab cleanup and organization
•    Performs proactively and independently general laboratory duties and maintenance plus administrative- and service-related tasks, and helps with procurement
•    Takes actively part in own professional development
•    Performs other duties as assigned by the Team Lead and BCL director

Required Education  
A BSc degree or above in biology, biochemistry, or a related field

Required Experience   
At least 3 years of experience in cell sorting

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Open Date: September 28, 2018
Close Date: November 23, 2018
Location: Thuwal, Saudia Arabia
Attachment: N/A

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