Aja Rieger

Aja Rieger

Faculty Service Officer/ Flow Core Manager

Education BSc, Immunology and Infection (University of Alberta) MSc, Neuroimmunology (McGill University) PhD, Comparative Immunology (University of Alberta) Post-doc, Neuroimmunology (UC Berkeley)

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration My main interest is in producing a robust, on-going educational program that focuses on both theoretical and hands-on training. I believe a strong focus on cytometry education will assist in the production of high quality, reproducible data and will enable better experimental design. My personal research interests are focused on neuro-immunology, specifically the interaction of the immune and nervous systems in neuro-inflammatory diseases.

Participation/Support of ISAC Attendee CYTO 2010 and CYTO 2016 Executive Board Member for Canadian Cytometry and Microscopy Association

Website https://flowcytometry.med.ualberta.ca Twitter: @UAFoMD_Flow