Eva Orlowski-Oliver

Eva Orlowski-Oliver

Flow Cytometry Scientist and Co-Manager AMREP Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Burnet Institute, Vic, Australia

Education BSc (Pathology and Immunology) University of Melbourne Honors 1st class (A platelet tetraspanin superfamily member, CD151, is required for regulation of thrombus growth and stability in vivo)

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration My Scientific interests have developed over time from being purely medical research based during my years of working as a research scientist, to now being part of a shared resource lab finding ways to best train students and staff best practices in Flow Cytometry. I have a passion for R and D experiments which can assist in illustrating to our users the reasons behind basic flow cytometry concepts including correct sample preparation, instrumentation set up, sample acquisition and panel design. After attending my first CYTO in 2017 I look forward to being involved in the SRL Accreditation Program which I believe will be a great step towards setting a minimum standard benchmark to assist in improving Flow Cytometry on a global level, as well as collaborating with fellow colleagues from around the world.

Participation/Support of ISAC

  • Australasian Flow Cytometry Group Conference 2012
  • Australasian Flow Cytometry Group Conference 2013
  • AFCG Poster presentation 2013 - Novel markers detected on Th17 cells from RA patients
  • Australasian Cytometry Society Conference 2014
  • AFCG Poster presentation 2014 - Novel techniques and markers used to sort Islet Cells.
  • Australasian Cytometry Society Conference 2016
  • ACS Poster Presentation 2016 - Effects of flow rates and event rates on data acquisition
  • SCYM(ASCP)CM Accreditation 2017
  • CYTO Boston 2017
  • CYTO Boston 2017 Poster Presentation - Effects of flow rates and event rates on data acquisition

Website www.amrepflow.org.edu.au