Florian Mair

Florian Mair

Research Associate | Cytometry Specialist

Education MSc Molecular Biology (University of Vienna, 2008) PhD Immunology (University of Zurich, 2013)

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration Currently, my main interest is delineating innate immune cell subsets relevant in anti-cancer immunity using flow cytometry and multi-omic scRNA-sequencing approaches. In addition, I am very interested in technical developments for high-dimensional flow cytometry using classical as well as spectral flow cytometry, and novel analysis approaches for the resulting datasets. Also, I have been actively involved in designing and teaching flow cytometry courses at various levels.

Participation / Support of ISAC 2016: CYTO conference in Seattle 2011-2016: Organization of flow cytometry courses at UZH 2015: CYTO conference in Glasgow 2012: CYTO conference in Leipzig

Website http://research.fhcrc.org/prlic/en.html