Gert Van Isterdael

Gert Van Isterdael

Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager

Education BSc Biomedical Laboratory Techniques (Pharmacy and Biotechnology) KAHO Sint-Lieven, Technology campus Ghent

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration My primary role is to provide flow cytometry expertise to the users of the core facility. This is achieved through providing technical help to the scientists, maintaining the machines, implicating high quality SOPs as well as providing both experimental setup and data analysis consultations. My scientific interest lies in the development of novel automated analysis techniques for multi-parameter flow cytometry data to remove user bias. To achieve this we are closely collaborating with our on-site Bioinformatics team headed by Prof. Yvan Saeys. In addition to this, as I help scientists at the core on a daily basis, I am also actively involved in several research projects ranging from basic science topics such as understanding the role of specific transcription factors in immune cell development and homeostasis, to more applied research projects, including those investigating mechanisms of allergy, asthma and cancer.

Participation/Support of ISAC Attended CYTO2014, CYTO2015 and CYTO2016 Member of ISAC SRL Services Committee Member of ISAC SRL Forum Organizing Committee 2016 Outstanding Poster Award Judge CYTO2016 Abstract and poster review CYTO2017 Co-chair Instrumentation session at CYTO2017 Co-chair CYTO2017 SRL Networking Event.

Website Twitter: @IRCFlowCore