Henrik Mei

Henrik Mei

Scientific Head of Mass Cytometry

Education Diploma (Medical Biotechnology), Technical University Berlin, Germany Ph.D. (Immunology), Humboldt University Berlin, Germany Postdoctoral Fellow, Human Immune Monitoring Center, Stanford, CA, USA

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration I am interested in the homeostasis of antibody-secreting plasmablasts and plasma cells and how their regulation relates to the stability of protective and harmful antibody titers. I pursue this in the context of therapy of rheumatic diseases, where autoreactive B cell memory represents an important obstacle. My research involves cutting edge flow cytometry and, more recently, novel mass cytometry, which I have developed new reagents and cell sample multiplexing suitable for immune phenotyping studies. I employ mass cytometry to capture the heterogeneity of cellular entities, and for predictive biomarker/biosignature identification in chronic inflammatory diseases./p>

Participation/Support of ISAC CYTO attendee since 2014 Reviewer for Cytometry Part A since 2015