Isabella Pesce

Isabella Pesce

Cell Analysis and Separation Core Facility Manager

Education PhD in Cell Biology, University of Padova, Italy MSc in Biotechnology, University of Siena, Italy

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration My overall goal is to constantly increase the facility’s usage by meeting the diverse and evolving scientific needs within my institution and being always updated on the latest and most innovative technological improvements in the field. In addition, as I support scientists on daily basis, I am actively involved in several research projects focused on different research areas. I am also involved in teaching and training activities for students and researchers in my university. A future goal of the facility is to improve and extend the educational programs and training activities to reach external researchers. My scientific interests are mainly focused in improving isolation and measurement methodologies of extracellular vesicles. Furthermore, I am also interested in the next generation of high sensitivity instruments for analysis and sorting of extracellular vesicles. Additionally, one of my aims is to increase the usage of DEP-Array System for rare cell sorting and single cell analysis; currently I am looking for collaborators interested in studying Circulating Tumor Cells in liquid biopsies and cancer.

Participation/Support of ISAC Attended CYTO 2015