Jakub Nedbal

Jakub Nedbal

Product Development Lead

Education King's College London, UK - PhD Molecular Immunology, 2012 King's College London, UK - MSc Immunology, 2007 Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic - MSc Physics, 2006

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration I have past record of development of prototype instrumentation for advanced flow cytometry, with a specific focus on measurement of fluorescence lifetime to understand protein-protein interactions and molecular changes inside cells. Currently, I am leading the technology development in a recent spin out specializing in advanced quantum-enhanced image sensors. This emerging technology promises breakthroughs in various scientific and industrial applications. These will happen through direct replacement of existing technologies for single-photon detection with more efficient and less costly alternatives. However, unforeseen applications and opportunities are expected to arise because of the unprecedented performance of these new image sensors. If you are interested in instrumentation development, time-resolved imaging or flow cytometry, please come and find me at CYTO or drop me a line. I’d love to explore ways to apply our sensors to your applications

Participation/Support of ISAC Member of the Finance committee, eLearning Education Delivery Task Force and Image Cytometry Task Force CYTO 2017 Poster presentation CYTO 2016 Poster Judge, Oral presentation CYTO 2015 Oral presentation (President's Award for Excellence) CYTO 2014 Poster presentation