Kristen Reifel

Kristen Reifel

Principal Investigator in Genomics

Education B.S. in Biology, University of California Santa Barbara M.S. in Ecology, San Diego State University Ph.D. in Marine Environmental Biology, University of Southern California

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration In addition to flow cytometry, my past research experience includes phytoplankton ecology, global carbon biogeochemistry, and optical oceanography. Having recently established a flow cytometry core facility for forensic sample analysis using single cell genomics, my interests have broadened to include signature control and biosafety measures employed during cell sorting. The forensic science community shares many technological and biosafety challenges faced by other scientific disciplines that use cell sorting and genomics approaches. My goal within the Emerging Leaders Program is to develop opportunities for broad interactions between investigators actively employing flow cytometry and single cell genomics in their research in order to enhance the tools available for the genomic analysis of challenging samples. Specifically, these opportunities include the presentation of guidelines for the safe cell sorting of hazardous samples at workshops and the creation of CYTO conference sessions focused on the impact of single cell genomics within a wider range of research areas.

Participation / Support of ISAC Member of the ISAC Biosafety Committee 2016-present Attended CYTO 2016 and CYTO 2017.