Nao Nitta

Nao Nitta

Founder & President

B.S. (University of Tokyo, 2001)
M.S. (University of Tokyo, 2003)
Ph.D. Engineering (University of Tokyo, 2006)

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration
Currently, I am working on introducing Image-Activated Cell Sorting (IACS) technique [Nitta et al., Cell, 175, 266 (2018)] to various applications. From a technological perspective, I am interested in combining artificial intelligence with research instrument hardware. Besides the academic interest, I have over 15 years of cytometry business experience and a track record of commercializing life science research tools (flow cytometers, chemotaxis assay system, etc.), and recently I founded K.K. CYBO. I welcome both research and business collaborators. If you are interested, please come and find me at CYTO or websites below. 

Participation / Support of ISAC

  • CYTO Attendee: 2008-present
  • CYTO Program committee: 2017-present
  • CYTO Innovation Committee member
  • ISAC Image Cytometry Task Force member