Raluca Aura Niesner

Raluca Aura Niesner

Group Leader, Biophysical Analytics

Education PhD thesis in Biophysical Chemistry at TU, Braunschweig (2001–2005) Diploma in Chemistry at TU Braunschweig (May 2001)

Scientific Interests and Avenue for Collaboration The development of new techniques which better meet the general requirement in biosciences and biomedicine to monitor vital processes at high spatial and temporal resolution, on a molecular basis, in their genuine environment is of central relevance for biophysics in general, and for microscopy in particular. In this frame, we focus on the improvement and extension of multi-photon laser-scanning microscopy (MPLSM) with application to intravital microscopy (imaging in living rodents) to better understand immunological processes in different disease contexts. Thereby, we focus on the improvement of optical performance, e.g. spatial resolution, imaging depth, photobleaching/ phototoxicity, imaging time window, and of molecular selectivity to monitor cell and tissue functions by time-resolved fluorescence techniques.

Participation/Support of ISAC Invited talk: CYTO2011, CYTO2014 Talk: CYTO2013, CYTO2017 Chair: CYTO2012, CYTO2014, CYTO2015, CYTO2016 Reviewer: CYTO2012, CYTO2014, CYTO2015, CYTO2016 Organizing committee: CYTO2011, CYTO2014, CYTO2017