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Srl Services

ISAC has introduced a number of programs and services to better serve its members who are SRL managers and staff.  We have expanded our educational offerings on SRL management at CYTO and on CYTO U. We launched the SRL Emerging Leaders Program in 2014 and currently offer SRL junior staff travel awards, reduced CYTO registration fees for junior staff, and reduced-fee membership.

In 2016, ISAC published a comprehensive SRL Best Practices document to establish standards for a flow cytometry SRL and provide guidance for best practices in several important areas. These guidelines encompass minimal goals for SOP creation, quality assurance, education, biosafety, data management, staffing, and general operations within SRLs, which will allow for more consistent and effective approaches to SRL operations. It is hoped that once these Best Practices are established and implemented, they can serve as a template from which similar practices can be defined for other types of SRLs with only minor modifications.

In addition, ISAC is currently developing its SRL Recognition Program, which is intended to promote sustained achievement of excellence in SRL operations and provide acknowledgement of these accomplishments, financial benefits, and access to development opportunities.

The term “Shared Resource Lab” (SRL) was adopted over the use of the term “Core Lab” to better define the role of shared instrumentation labs as a scientific partnership with researchers within an institution. There has been a great deal of recent attention toward the lack of reproducibility in science and its financial impact.

SRLs have the responsibility and capability to ensure the generation of quality, reproducible data. An SRL is unique in that it provides access to highly specialized technologies while serving as a technical and scientific resource that requires highly trained staff, professional facility management, proper financial oversight, and follows rigorous quality standards.

SRL Emerging Leaders Program

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