Thomas Myles Ashhurst

Thomas Myles Ashhurst

High-Dimensional Cytometry Specialist

Education B.Sc. (Hons): Immunology and Virology, 2011 Finalizing Ph.D. in Medicine: Pathology, pending completion 2017

Scientific Interest and Avenues for Collaboration My research is focused on analysing cellular infiltration in the virally infected CNS, and understanding how the haematopoietic system is reorganised in the bone marrow to change cellular output in response to infection. To do this, we utilise high-dimensional cytometry systems (such as mass cytometry and 29-parameter next generation fluorescence cytometry), to interrogate cellular systems in a range of disease contexts. To aid our analysis, we apply and improve existing computational analysis tools, in addition to developing our own novel algorithms for analysing high dimensional datasets. All of this work is performed in a team context, and we are always eager for new collaborations on multiple fronts.

Participation / Support of ISAC Member of ISAC, and CYTO attendee since 2013 Member of partner organisation, the Australasian Cytometry Society (ACS) since 2012 Outstanding poster presentation award (CYTO 2013) Student travel awards (multiple) ACS student liaison (2014 - 2016) ACS Polychromatic Roadshow co-instructor (2017): Wellington (New Zealand), Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne (Australia) Invited speaker (CYTO Asia, October 2017)