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January 2019 | Volume 95A | Issue 1

Special Issue on Metabolic Cytometry

This special issue reports studies using multiple imaging techniques to explore various aspects of cell metabolism. Challenges are highlighted and opportunities to advance research by using advanced technologies are provided.

Spectrally and spatially resolved laser‐induced photobleaching of endogenous flavin fluorescence in cardiac myocytes

Photobleaching of endogenous flavins fluorescence in living cardiac cells are analyzed by spectrally‐resolved confocal imaging. Nonuniform photobleaching is demonstrated due to different photobleaching rates of individual flavin components, leading to photodamage which caused significant alterations in normal cell functioning, as monitored by responsiveness to metabolic modulators and by cell contraction. These findings need to be taken in account in metabolic screening and in all studies involving visible light excitation and fluorescence acquisition in living cells.

NADH Autofluorescence—A Marker on its Way to Boost Bioenergetic Research

Despite many advantages, NADH autofluorescence requires improvement to be fully useful in bioenergetics research. After discussing technical and biological challenges, the authors give an overview of biological applications of NADH imaging, and approaches that may be used to tackle many biological questions and overcome challenges. This review is meant to provide all scientists interested in bioenergetics with support on how to embed successfully NADH imaging in their research.

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The metabolic activity of the tumor cells was assessed using fluorescence lifetime imaging of the metabolic cofactor reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (phosphate), NAD(P)H. Second harmonic generation (SHG) imaging was used to analyze the extent and properties of collagen within the tumors...

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